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Terracell on hill for slope stabilization by Lake Effect Garden & Design

Slope Stabilization

There's nothing worse than having an eroding hillside; it's unsightly and detrimental to the stability of any structures on top of your hill.

There are several products available for hillside stabilization. Currently, we use a product called TerraCell. Each cell acts as a small dam that allows water and wind to pass over the top while holding the fill in place, thereby dissipating erosive forces. The cell walls inhibit small channels of water from forming, thus preventing the erosive process from developing.

After we grade the slope, we secure the TerraCell to the hill with long steel spikes, fill the cells with soil, and secure a bamboo blanket across the top. We then plant one foot on center through the bamboo blanket and mulch the ground.


 Sometimes you need more than vegetation to hold in the hillside, which is why we use the TerraCell product.


If you have a problematic hillside, contact us, we would be happy to help!

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TerraCell for Slope Stabilization

For Uneven Slopes

This was a steep slope along the side of a driveway for a new house built on top of a hill.

Once the slope was graded, we drove long steel spikes that look like candy canes to secure the TerraCell to the slope.

A steep slope successfully stabilized and landscaped by Lake Effect Garden & Design.
The installation of a terracell wall for slope stabilization by Lake Effect Garden & Desig
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Covering the TerraCell with Soil and a Bamboo Blanket

Well Designed Strategy

This is an excellent picture for showing all stages of the stabilization process.

The graded ground on the far right has yet to have the TerraCell installed.

On the left and upper part of the picture, you see some of the TerraCell covered by soil and the bamboo blanket on top.

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Planting the Slope

Lets Make it Pretty

Once the Bamboo Blanket is secured, we mark out areas where certain plants should go.

All areas of the Bamboo Blanket will be planted with plants placed at 1 foot on center.

Lake Effect Garden & Design team planting vegetation for natural slope stabilization_
Close-up of a slope stabilized using planting techniques by Lake Effect Garden & Design_
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The Planted Hillside

Native Beauty

This picture shows the hillside just after planting and mulching.  The strip at the bottom was planted a few weeks later. 


We used a mixture of compact native grasses and forbs (flowers) and some cultivated varieties of plants as well as pachysandra.

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One Season Later

The Results

One summer later, most of the plants have filled in all the gaps on the hillside, except for the pachysandra at the bottom, which will fill in within the next year or two.

A before and after comparison of a slope stabilization project by Lake Effect Garden & Des
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