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Lake Effect Garden & Design team preparing a new construction site for landscape planning.

New Construction Landscapes

Constructing a new home is an exciting time, with many possibilities and so many decisions to make! Unfortunately, the landscape designer is often left out of the initial design process, which creates many missed opportunities to influence the siting and design of the house to help maximize the use of outside space.


It's just important to know your program requirements for outside of your home as the inside.

Many times it's more cost-effective to have your builder create elements of your landscape while they are already on site with equipment and workers. For example, if they are already pouring concrete for the house, they can easily pour courtyard and retaining walls for outdoor spaces, and their stone masons and carpenters can help build outdoor kitchens.


But the key is to have the outdoor design in place and your landscape designer working with your builder and architect.  If you are considering building a new home, please get in touch with us; we can help!

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Create a Landscape Plan


In this picture, we created a design for a terraced courtyard and raised planter bed while the house was still under construction.

Having made this decision early in the process enabled the builder to incorporate drainage through the courtyard, understand siding requirements to meet the level of the courtyard, and saved costs by having the builder pour the terrace during the project rather than bringing back the same equipment later.

Newly installed design for a terraced courtyard for a new construction property by Lake Ef
Lake Effect Garden & Design professionals installing landscape at a new construction lands

Site Specific Planning


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Soil compaction is a big problem once the machines move out. 

Its imperative with new construction to move quickly to install your landscape to prevent soil erosion and further degradation of the site.

We try to work with your soils without adding amendments, but if all of your soil has been stripped or huge amounts of sand have been brought in, some amending may be required

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Laying Out the Plants


Most homeowners can't wait to stop looking at dirt and sand once construction is completed.

But have no fear; once the risk of having plants run over by equipment is over, we can move in and plant. 


We space all perennials at 1 foot on center, so your gardens and landscape will be filled in within the first two years.

Newly installed lush green lawn at a new construction property by Lake Effect Garden & Des
A newly planted garden at a new construction home designed by Lake Effect Garden & Design

A Blank Canvas


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What I love most about new construction projects is the blank canvas I am presented with; as I tell my clients – all options are on the table!

This garden is in the dunes of Sawyer, Michigan, and is on the way to the beach. The owner wanted a showpiece. To see this garden in bloom the first year, click here.

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