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What I'm Loving this Week!

Summer is in full swing in Michigan, and this week the common evening primrose/Oenothera biennis has just started to bloom. This native was one of the first wildflowers to spring to life when I opened up my wooded property for a building site. While it is a biennial, it's a prolific seeder, so you never have to worry about having some in bloom. The lemon-colored flowers start to slowly open just before sunset and are there for you in the mornings to enjoy with your coffee. But by midday, the flower, which only lasts a day, will be gone - but no worries, there will be tons more blooms for you to enjoy. These also look great in the winter with their tall stems and dried seed pods piercing high above West Michigan's deep snowpack. (For reference, the clump in the picture is 7' tall!)

When you are out and about, see if you can spot any of the plant's large yellow flowers. The blooms are lemon-scented, and, fun fact, the roots are edible! So the next time you take a walk, be sure to take time to stop and smell the Oenothera biennis.


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