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Transforming Pebble Lane: A Formal Garden Oasis with Native Plants

Welcome back to Lake Effect Garden & Design! We’re excited to share our latest video where we continue our series at the beautiful Pebble Lane home. In this project, we’ve transformed a typical landscape into a stunning garden oasis, demonstrating how native plants can be used in a formal garden setting. Many gardeners believe that native plants look messy, but we’re here to show you that any plant can contribute to a formal and elegant design.

Breaking the Myth: Native Plants in Formal Settings

Formal Planting in Garden

One of the most common misconceptions about native plants is that they tend to look unkempt and disorganized. However, we believe that formal is not about the plant style but the design style. At Pebble Lane, our client wanted a formal, balanced look, so we incorporated classic boxwood hedges and designed a wide, welcoming entrance to the home. The result is a sophisticated and harmonious landscape that proves native plants can fit seamlessly into any design style.

Highlighting the Stars of the Garden

In this video, we focus on two standout native plants that bring unique beauty and character to the garden:

Blue Star Native Plant | Lake Effect Garden & Design
  1. Blue Star (Amsonia): Known for its delicate blue flowers in the spring, Blue Star truly shines in the fall when its foliage turns a stunning yellow. This plant adds vibrant seasonal color and is a favorite for its low-maintenance beauty.

  2. Blue False Indigo (Baptisia Australis): Often hailed as the prettiest flower in the world, Blue False Indigo boasts striking blue flowers that transition into beautiful black seed pods in the fall and winter. This plant is a versatile choice that we've used in many of our garden designs for its long-lasting visual appeal.

Watch Our Transformation

We invite you to watch our latest video to see the full transformation of the Pebble Lane garden. In the video, we walk you through the design process, showcase the featured plants, and share tips on how to achieve a formal garden look using native plants.

Join the Conversation

Blue Indigo | Lake Effect Garden & Design

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with native plants in formal garden settings. Have you tried using native plants in your garden? How do you create balance and structure with your plant choices? Share your insights and questions in the comments below or on our video.

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Happy Gardening!


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