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How Do Native Plants Look After One Year of Growth?

Welcome to a new entry in our ongoing exploration of sustainable gardening with native plants. In our latest video, which you can watch below, we revisit a special project in Michigan where we initially planted thousands of native plant plugs. Now, one year later, we're excited to show you the incredible growth and transformation these plants have achieved.

The Resilient Rosinweed

Rosinweed Native Plant
Rosinweed Native Plant

Our journey begins with the Rosinweed, a plant we've introduced to you before on our channel. Known for its robust nature, the Rosinweed has reached impressive heights, illustrating just how well native species can thrive under local conditions.

This year's warm and wet climate in Michigan has particularly favored its growth, showcasing the plant's natural resilience and beauty.

The Elegant Purple Coneflower

Next, we take a closer look at the Purple Coneflower, a staple in many native gardens due to its vibrant colors and appeal to pollinators.

Observing its development over the past year provides not only a visual treat but also a testament to the ecological benefits of planting native. These flowers not only beautify the landscape but support local wildlife, playing a crucial role in the biodiversity of our gardens.

The Majestic Prairie Dock

The highlight of this tour is my personal favorite, the Prairie Dock. Known for its large, bold leaves, the Prairie Dock has flourished remarkably. Its substantial leaf growth underlines the adaptability and the aesthetic value of native plants in landscaping. The leaves serve as a dramatic backdrop in our garden, proving that functionality and form can go hand in hand.

Below we share a video on how Praire Dock's make a great native plant for small gardens.

Does Mulching Reduce Weeds?: A Natural Solution

An essential part of this project was our minimal use of mulch—only 2 inches. This strategy effectively suppressed weeds without the need for chemical interventions, proving that a little mulch can go a long way in maintaining a clean and healthy garden. This approach not only reduces maintenance costs but also enhances the sustainability of the garden.

Observing the Changes After One Year of Growth

As we compare the before and after clips in the video, the transformation is undeniable. The absence of fertilizers did not hinder our garden's growth; instead, it highlighted the natural vigor of native plants. This method aligns with our commitment to eco-friendly gardening practices that respect and enhance local ecosystems.

Before & After Using Native Plant Plugs
Before & After Using Native Plant Plugs

Join Us on This Journey

We are thrilled to see the natural progression of these native plants and are even more excited to share these results with you. Watching our garden evolve is a constant reminder of the impact thoughtful landscaping can have on our surroundings. We invite you to follow along, implement these practices in your own gardens, and witness the transformative power of native plants.

Don't forget to visit our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on future projects and to learn more about sustainable gardening with native plants. Let's garden smarter, not harder!

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