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How Do Native Gardens Look in the Winter (with Snow ❄️)

Lake Effect Garden & Design

In this video, brought to you by Lake Effect Garden & Design, we delve into an untouched garden, showcasing the stunning transformation as autumn leaves give way to winter's snow. Experience the enchanting display of native plants, including the majestic oak leaf hydrangea, as they adorn the landscape with their natural fall colors and snow-kissed foliage.

We provide a unique perspective on how leaving your garden undisturbed through the year can lead to breathtaking scenery, especially during the change of seasons. Our expert guidance will help you appreciate the natural beauty of native plants in their unaltered state, demonstrating how they adapt and thrive in the colder months.

How Do Native Gardens Look

Join us as we explore the serene and untouched beauty of a native garden in fall and winter. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more insights and tips from Lake Effect Garden & Design.


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