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Common Boneset Named 2021 Wildflower of the YEAR!

This underappreciated, underused native is finally seeing its day in the sun or part sun! Easy to grow from seed or plug, occurring naturally in a variety of moist areas but doing just fine in dry areas too, once established.

This plant is a workhorse, spreading by seed and underground rhizomes, providing multiple clusters around your landscape in no time. In the heat of August, these 3'-5' plants explode with an abundance of flat white flower tops, first starting as a pale shade of pink. In my book, it's just aggressive enough and plays well with other plants in the garden and looks excellent mingling with the tall grasses of late summer. Oh, and did I mention - the deer leave it alone - hallelujah!

Its scientific name is Eupatorium perfoliatum and is part of the Asteraceae (aster) family. In my area of SW Michigan, the National Wildlife Federation lists this plant as the 4th most crucial flower for pollinators. I can't get enough of it!

If you want to find out the most important native plants in your area for pollinators, visit the Native Plant Finder from the National Wildlife Federation, just put in your zip code, make a list and get planting!

Happy Spring 2021! 😊


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